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    Berhan Akbay's Employment Application

    Employment Application

    In-Character Information

    Berhan Akbay
    Date of Birth:
    January 10, 1985
    Place of Birth:
    All Saints Hospital
    Current Address:
    Phone Number:
    Berhan Akbay

    Apply Reason:I Want Protect People Of This City.

    Ganton Primary School
    Ganton Secondary School
    Los Santos College
    San Fierro University

    Best Student Award In Ganton Secondary School

    Work Experience:
    Taxi Driver In Frontier Transportation Services 11.20.2015 until 11.22.2015
    Trucker In Trucker Co. At Easter Basin Dock 11.10.2015 until 11.22.2015
    Mechanic at San Fierro Enginnering Company 11.01.2015 until 11.10.2015
    Pizza Boy At Pier 69 Pizza Stack 10.15.2015 until 11.01.2015

    Military Service:
    Completed As sergeant in San Andreas Army

    Personal Information:
    Born In 01.10.1985
    Marital Status:Single

    Hobbies:Fishing,Swimming,Target Practice,Boat Tour

    Resume:I am good at driving also i can drive carefully i understand the mechanical works i got mechanical repair educations i also worked as a taxi driver too i know criminal psychology also i have awards for hard working because i am working 10-12 hour in a day i am definitely that worker you looking for.I also know how to use gun its really easy for me i can use long range weapons impressive i know how to be stealth i know how to talk with a suspect i think i can change their minds because i am good at talking kind i can convince them to surrender and i can stay away from trouble there is no need to conflict and i think i can stop criminals in this country.i can feel suspicious things easily and i am very disciplined so that means i can deal with my commander and supervisor.I am also good about self defense if something bad happened i can be my own lawyer i can defense myself i am tougher i can work 10-12 hours without a break if you looking for a good sheriff you looking right person thats all i can say.

    Out-of-Character Information

    Other Accounts/Past Names:
    Do you have Teamspeak installed?
    Do you have a working Microphone?
    Have you passed the Requirements?
    Character Stats:
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    Aug 2015
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
    Personnel Management Division

    Initial Review Passed

    Dear Berhan Akbay,

    We are pleased to inform you that your application has passed our initial stage of review. You are going to be subject to various background checks. You will be informed with our findings and decision within the next 72 hours. If your background checks are approved, you will move onto the next phase of the application process which is an interview conducted by a member of this department. If you fail the background checks your application will be denied and you can reapply in the future. If you have any questions or concerns relating to recruitment please contact us by email at

    Sergeant Austin Hamm, #240
    Personnel Management Division
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department

    - - - Updated - - -

    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
    Personnel Management Division

    Initial Review Failed

    Dear Berhan,

    We are deeply saddened to inform you that you have failed our initial stage of review. We have errors in your application that need clarification or revision. You have 48 hours to fix any issues that currently exist with your application. Failure to correct the listed discrepancies within the allotted time given, your application will be denied.

    • Continues to bother Personnel Management instructors.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email at

    Sergeant Austin Hamm, #240
    Personnel Management Division
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department



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