General Information
The San Andreas Sheriff's Department has adopted a need-based recruitment system. This means that if a specific shift requires additional staff, then that shift will recruit people to staff the desired shift. Shift openings will remain open until a specified amount of recruits are hired within the shift, at which point it will be closed for an indefinite amount of time. Openings within shifts can be found here

How Applications are Processed
  • Pending Review - Application is submitted, and pending review from the Field Training Division.
    Kicked Back - Application is kicked back due to errors (not denied).
    Review Passed - Review is passed, pending investigation.
  • Pending Investigation - Application has passed an initial review, and is pending a background investigation.
    Background Failed - Background Check failed and the application is denied.
    Background Passed - Background Check passed and is moved onto pending interview.
  • Pending Interview - Application has passed a background check, and is pending an interview.
    Interview Failed - Interview did not meet the standards of the department and the application is denied.
    Interview Passed - Interview meet the standards of the department and is pending invite.
  • Pending Invite - Application is accepted, and is pending invitation (as defined by the Recruitment Drive dates).

The San Andrea's Sheriff's Department offers the ability to transfer from another department to our own regardless of shift openings. Those who are apart of the following departments may transfer to the Sheriff's Department:
  • Los Santos Police Department;
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations;
  • San Andreas Armed Services; and/or,
  • Department of Corrections

Those who wish to transfer from the departments listed above must have been employed with said department for at least one (1) month and receive a recommendation letter from a supervisor of the department they are transferring from. If the transfer is approved, you will invited and set to Deputy I with a 5-day probationary period. Note that all transfers are handled as case-to-case and certain procedures may be circumvented.