San Andreas Sheriff's Department
Red County Station
56 Cress Street
San Andreas


Greetings to all members and potential recruits,

The San Andreas Sheriff's Department aims to portray a realistic law enforcement department. It is also my goal to ensure that all members of the faction roleplay to the best of their ability, realistically and in a courteous manner to other players of the community. If a member of found to be roleplaying poorly or not portraying their character in a realistic manner, they will be removed from the faction immediately and may face a possible faction ban to ensure they do not return. This also goes for anyone found to be treating other players poorly in an OOC manner. Players applying for the department are expected to abide by this. Applications are expected to be treated completely IC (unless stated by OOC brackets) and should be as realistic as possible. Interviews are conducted entirely in game and you will be evaluated on your roleplay skill and English capability.

The recruitment process is completely IC and cannot be skipped due to any OOC factors such as previous law enforcement faction experience on another character. This means everyone follows the same process regardless of their status in the community or friends in the department. However if your character has previously been employed in a law enforcement faction and has positive feedback on their evaluation file, you can request to take the exam earlier.

I'd also like to ensure everyone that his does not mean you are not allowed to have fun and everything is serious. However there is a time and place for everything. We are quite laid back when it comes to having some banter. But when it comes to playing IG you are to meet our expectations.

Hector Rivera
Sheriff of Operations
Command Staff Official
San Andreas Sheriff's Department