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    Sheriff's Office Ride-Along Program

    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
    Red County Station
    56 Cress Street
    San Andreas

    Ride-Along Program

    The San Andreas Sheriff's Office encourages the community interest and involvement in the law enforcement process and allows reputable citizens and student interns to ride as passenger observers in Sheriff's vehicles for legitimate civic or educational reasons. If you are conducting a Ride-Along for media documentary you are to directly contact the State Patrol Unit Lieutenant. Which will be Lieutenant Dante Clarke. Reminder, you a ride-along you are only there to observe and you are ordered not to interfere with the deputy work of any sort. Failing to obey by this order may result in permanent denial from our ride-along program. Participation in this program is a privilege and a supervisor may terminate individual's participation at any time for inappropriate behavior on the part of the participant or for operational requirements of the department. Participants must follow the instructions of the deputy. Individuals accepted for this program will only be allowed to observe and will not perform tasks or otherwise involve themselves in any activity, nor will they possess any firearm, weapon, or other device which is used to incapacitate (i.e., pepperspray, mace, etc.). Peace officers are exempted from this weapon prohibition.

    Program participants will adhere to a dress code policy because they have an impact upon our image. If improperly dressed, they may be mistaken by other citizens and/or officers for other than program participants. All clothing worn must be clean and in good condition. Supervisors may reject participants who are improperly dressed or require inappropriate apparel items.

    Eligibility for a Ride-Along:

    • You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older.
    • No recent criminal history.
    • No affiliation with a gang or terrorist organization.

    How to request a Ride-Along:

    • After filling out a Ride-Along request wavier E-Mail State Patrol Unit Sergeant Carlos Ortega for a finalization of your wavier.
    • Once your wavier is approved by a State Patrol Unit Sergeant you asked to come to our Headquarters and see if it available for you to conduct a Ride-Along on the active shift.

    If you qualify for our Ride-Along Program and would like to partcipate please do not hesitate to fill out the ride-long wavier then submit a ride-along request If you have any questions pertaining to the departments ride-along program feel free to contact Captain Summers at 146966 or send me an E-Mail

    Brett Summers
    Command Staff Official
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
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