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    Post 2 October 2016 - Headquarters Relocation

    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
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    Relocation of SASD Main Headquarters

    October 2nd, 2016

    All staff,

    Our main headquarters has been shifted back to Dillimore, Red County. Most of the vehicles have also been moved in the process. There are a few standard vehicles stationed at both the Law Enforcement Academy in San Fierro, and the upcoming Special Response Unit headquarters in Flint County.

    This will result in some divisional and leadership changes in the near future, once we have boosted our department member count.

    In regards to vehicle usage, you are encouraged to abide by Chapter 5 of Department Policy. A new policy and handbook are on the way which will explain usage more simply.

    Godspeed, SASD.

    David Tashi
    Command Staff Official
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
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