San Andreas Sheriff's Department
Office of the Sheriff
Red County Station
56 Cress Street
San Andreas



I have recently been appointed the Sheriff of the department and I would like to provide some information regarding the future of the department. The department of Game Affairs has purged the faction besides myself, due to this if you were currently in the department or an honorary member please contact a Lieutenant or higher to be re-invited into the department.

A little about myself, I have been serving in law enforcement factions for two years straight at this point in time without retiring or receiving disciplinary action. Starting in the San Fierro Police Departmemt under Mike McFlies, through the San Andreas Police Department, Los Santos Police Department and finally the Sheriff's Department under Mike McFlies and Jackson Curtis. I've managed to hold a command position in every department and reach Deputy Chief of Police under Chief of Police Sean James.

I have promoted honorary member and former supervisor David Tashi to Undersheriff to assist me with up holding the high expectations that are expected from our department. Within our first day we have majorly updated the forums and restructured the department. With these changes we hope to see a positive and an efficient change in daily operations of the department.

We are currently searching for a suitable candidate for the position of Captain in the department. We do have a few people in mind for the position, however I would prefer an experienced member of the department to take the role. The position will require the candidate to oversee and ensure that the State Patrol Unit and the Special Response Unit runs efficiently. This will involve constant communication and updates with the Lieutenant of each unit. The Captain will also run the board of appeals and ensure that appeals are dealt with in a timely manner. It is preferred that applicants are from either the NA or EU Timezone so we can equally spread out. If you would like to express your interest in the position and you have experience in the department please private message me on the forums (PM's are turned on). In the private message please explain why we should choose you over other candidates, what you can bring to the department and experience.

Former Chief of Police of the Los Santos Police Department and the San Fierro Police Department Alexander Tashi has been assigned as the Lieutenant of the Field Training Academy. We are working together to create a efficient and smooth training system that should be implemented within the next day or two. The Field Training Academy division will perform their duties from the San Fierro police station from now on.

Matt Underwood has been assigned as the State Patrol Unit Lieutenant and has great plans for the division. We are working together to ensure that precincts are being utilised correctly and deputies are assigned equally. At this point in time we are going to be working on implementing the K9 Unit into the State Patrol Unit. Allowing any deputy who meets the requirements to be trained and qualified as a K9 Handler.

In some time after boosting department numbers with people who meet the standards of the Sheriff's Department we plan on implementing the Special Response Unit. This will allow deputies to respond to emergency situations in a timely manner. The unit will also be our primary tactical team and lead by a Lieutenant.

I have great plans for the department and they involve keeping the reputation of our department where they belong. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Hector Rivera
Sheriff of Operations
Command Staff Official
San Andreas Sheriff's Department

David Tashi
Command Staff Official
San Andreas Sheriff's Department