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    Herrlson, Tobias's Employment Application

    Employment Application

    In-Character Information

    Herrlson, Tobias
    Current Address:
    27th, Idlewood motel
    Phone Number:
    Driver's License #:
    - - link aswell
    Are you legally able to work In San Andreas?:
    What can you offer this agency that other people cannot:
    I have experiences at a great position such as this, I used to be a detective for the police department for total of three years and I used to be a judge as far as trainee officer for department of corrections, and I decided to make an application for sheriff's department. I read all the regulations and information regarding the sheriff's department, and I had a conversation with multiple deputies currently occupied at the sheriff's department. I served for more than three years in the police department as I stated above, and I'm officially deserve a chance to work for the sheriff's department. As far as I'm a former judge, therefore I have a great knowledge within the law of San Andreas and I'm able to work in a proper way within the law. I would like to take my chance to prove myself within the sheriff's department and to make everybody proud of my work and my abilities. I got triple experiences including Police Department, Judicial Branch as far as department of corrections within San Andreas. I will be finishing all the assigned duties to me, and will be obeying all the orders given by the commands and I'm not going to disobey any of them, and I will stay within the sheriff's department with my loyality no matter what.
    Why did you choose the San Andreas Sheriff's Department?:
    I chose the San Andreas Sheriff's Department because I understand that it is the premier law enforcement agency in San Andreas, and I know that I am both willing and able to accept the challenges that will face me in the department. I understand wholeheartedly that the training will be strenuous, yet I would not settle for less than the most professional and highest respected law enforcement agency. And after long time of thinking, I officially decided to join the sheriff department. I have been watching the deputies occupied with the sheriff department for the last few months when I used to be an official detective within the police department. While watching the deputies work, I learned a lot of basics regarding the sheriff department, and there's a deputy taught me few basics as well. I was usually watching multiple deputies when they were doing their duties and learned much things including team work. Also when I used to be young, I saw one of the official deputies helping my family immediately so I decided to be one of them and to help them out with their duties and to help the other families myself.
    Referral Source:

    Contact Info::

    Out-of-Character Information

    From Canada, but traveled to Egypt
    Contact Email
    Do you have Teamspeak installed?
    Do you have a working Microphone?
    Character Stats:
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    Application Denied

    Dear Tobias,

    We regret to inform you that your application has been PERMANENTLY DENIED. Please review the list of issues pertaining to your denial. We ask you to wait another lifetime before re-applying if you wish to do so.

    • Reapplied within 14 (and 7) days

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email at

    Thank you for your interest in the San Andreas Sheriff's Department.

    J. Stryker
    Sergeant John Stryker, #231
    Recruitment, Education and Training Unit Commanding Officer
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department



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