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    Wheeler, Danny's Employment Application

    Employment Application

    In-Character Information

    Wheeler, Danny
    Current Address:
    Jefferson Motel
    Phone Number:
    Driver's License #:
    Are you legally able to work In San Andreas?:
    What can you offer this agency that other people cannot:
    I can offer some skills that I possess. Some of the skills are weaponry. I am very good with my instincts to have what it takes. Give me one opportunity to prove myself worthy, you will not regret it. I have the endurance for this! Let me make this happen for myself to prove myself wrong. I want to stop these crimes that happen, please...lets do this as a team.
    Why did you choose the San Andreas Sheriff's Department?:
    I choose Sheriffs Department because I want to represent them. I would rather represent SD than PD because I love the area it's structured in, although I know it involves more. I would love nothing more than this. My parents were police officers too, so it runs in the blood. Give me this one chance, I beg of you guys, you wont regret it officers. I really want to pursue this dream of mine, I wish and hope you make this happen for me.
    Referral Source:
    Walk in

    Mark Wheeler
    Contact Info::

    Out-of-Character Information

    Contact Email
    Do you have Teamspeak installed?
    Do you have a working Microphone?
    Character Stats:

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    __________________________________________________ ____

    Dear Mr. Wheeler,

    Thank you for your interest in joining the San Andreas Sheriffs Department. I am sorry to inform you but your application will not be passing our review process.
    The following reasons have caused us to mark your application invalid:
    • Messaging members and calling upon high command to look at your application.
    • Calling a supervisor on the phone to review your application

    We here at the Sheriffs Academy and Recruitment Center have a zero tolerance policy towards applicants having no patience when it comes to their applications.
    Please reapply in 0 weeks to the San Andreas Sheriffs Academy
    We ask that during this time, you do not contact anyone further about your application as your application has been permanently denied.

    Thank you for your interest.


    Nick Laconia
    San Andreas Sheriffs Department
    Office of Recruitment, Education and Training
    San Andreas Sheriffs Academy
    800 Harrison Avenue
    San Fierro, S.A. 09801

    Nick Laconia
    Recruitment, Education, Training
    Canine Handler



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