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    Harry, William's Employment Application

    Employment Application

    In-Character Information

    Harry, William
    Current Address:
    Phone Number:
    Driver's License #:
    Are you legally able to work In San Andreas?:
    What can you offer this agency that other people cannot:
    I can offer them my skills and experience like shooting and driving and i'm also fast in motion to call or accept backups and i think that's good for the backups, i gained all these experience from my old previous job as an employee in the Government , i always ready and respond to the backups to help my friends in my department and my friends in the other departments, i will always response to anyone from my country need a help from me , i hate outlaws and i will always catch them, and i will always try to catch the criminals and killers if they trying to kill or rob anyone from my country San Andreas, i will always be on duty to protect my country San Andreas from robbers, killers, etc..
    I will do all my best to make San Andreas the most safe country in the world.
    Why did you choose the San Andreas Sheriff's Department?:
    Because in my opinion San Andreas Sheriff's Department is the best Department in San Andreas i can join, i like the hard job and i see this in the Sheriff's Department, i like the cops life and i want my life to be like them, money is not important for me, just my dinner per day and that's enough for me, i will spend all my time for my duty and to protect San Andreas and it's citizens from any bad thing like crims or robs or somethings like this, and it will available for me to help the citizens in San Andreas, sometimes i see a weak people get robbed and i want to help them but i can't cause i don't have a permission to do this, i always see the officers on their duty as i told i like this so much and i want to be one of them to offer my experiance and skills and help them to protect our country San Andreas, I loved San Andreas Sheriff's Department since I was young and I want to become like them when I grow , and I finally grew up and became possible that i became one of San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
    Referral Source:

    John Swagger
    Contact Info::

    Out-of-Character Information

    Contact Email
    Do you have Teamspeak installed?
    Do you have a working Microphone?
    Character Stats:
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    Failed to reapply in 14 days. Your last application was in March 1 and it was denied and now you applied again in March 13 and its still not 14 days. You may reapply in 14 days.
    Jason C
    Jason Capo
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    But mister michael Lane told me apply after you obtain the firearm licenses not after 14 days!!!

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    And you hasn't told me this in my last denied application!

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    Perm Denied, thought you could pull the wool over our eyes. Mr Copperfield.

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