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    Hamza_Naved's Employment Application

    Employment Application

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    What can you offer this agency that other people cannot:
    t experience from former agencies, aswell as the LSPD, therefore I know what needs to be done and how to react when a situation appears, I can make fast decisions and therefore quickly take control of the situation at hand, as a former SWAT and IA commander, I got leadership abilities and Im willing to use them if necessary, as I stated before, I want to make a difference and contribute to the force with my previous experience and leadership abilities.
    Why did you choose the San Andreas Sheriff's Department?:
    I would like to be enlisted as a SASD officer , because it has always been my dream to protect and serve my city and country!! To cleanse the streets of Criminals and the crimes they commit. To give back to the community and to Make sure the community is safe and the people that live in it feel safe as well. Living around the life of crime,it disgusted me but i learned to change , and want to do a big part in changing by Becoming a police officer and really putting bad criminals behind bars,and keep them in line. i understand that even if im putting one criminal or alot of other criminals that there can be a lot more out there doing worst crimes than the criminals that got sent behind bars for,but i would atleast like to reduce the crimes of Los santos and have alot of pride in it aswell. I also understand that this line of job is about having high power,but to me this is more than just having a gun , its more like protecting my country from the worst. I would be very happy protecting the streets of Los santos,and finally feel that im completing my dreams,and geting motivated if i get accept because getting accepted into this kind of work and what i always have dreamed for , this would tell me that really anything in life is possible and dont ever stop trying in life cause eventually if you keep trying you will complete and live that dream.
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    Dont Know Anyone.
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