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    David Titanium's Employment Application

    Employment Application

    In-Character Information

    David Titanium
    Current Address:
    Phone Number:
    Driver's License #:
    Are you legally able to work In San Andreas?:
    What can you offer this agency that other people cannot:
    think I can offer many things to the department that other people can't, for example, I have been working towards my gun skills for over 13 years around San Andreas I am able to work ALL guns, property even if its a 9mm, I still know how to work it right no matter if it's a bad or good gun. My driving skills: I have been working on my driving skills and flying skills for over 18years now, from my training I am able to chase people and not lose them no matter what vehicle they are driving! You may be thinking.. I got to see this to believe it, that's why you should bring me into the department, I would love to improve the department and show off my skills. Talking with people in general: I know a lot of people in the SD needs good communication within speaking to other people, I am very good with English I would never let anyone down plus I can solve any hard situation fast. Last but no least: I can dedicate over 24hours towards the department, I know this may sound crazy, I will get some sleep during the morning, but then I can promise you that I will be the most employee on duty for as long as I stay with the department.
    Why did you choose the San Andreas Sheriff's Department?:
    I choose SASD because I want to make sure that all people that made crimes through out the country will go where they really belong. It would be an exciting new experience for me. I want to try it out to see if it's the correct career path for me. I've heard positive statements and comments about the Sheriff's Department. I've heard that's worth joining, the staff are friendly and nice to co side with and I want to see what it's like from the staff side.

    I've been jobless for some time now and I'm looking to expand on my skills and knowledge, the SASD seems like the perfect move right now. I've always been interested in joining Sheriff's Department for sometime now and since you have vacant position, why not try and apply to see if I can make my dream a reality.
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    Freidrich Zweistein
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    Honorary Deputy
    Honorary Member

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    Aug 2015
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
    Personnel Management Division

    Application Denied

    Dear Mr. Titanium,

    We regret to inform you that you have failed a stage of your application. Due to insistant contacting of Sheriff Department supervisors to review your application we have permanently denied you from this agency. Feel free to contact the Director of Field Training in six (6) months time to review this action.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact us in teamspeak at the earliest of your convenience.

    Thank you for your interest in the San Andreas Sheriff's Department.

    Ed Lane
    Captain Ed Lane, #270
    Office of Administrative Affairs
    San Andreas Sheriff's Department
    Michael Lane
    Michael Lane
    Assistant Sheriff

    Office of The Sheriff



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