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  1. I just tried to help out High Command with their word, I dont know what you think about me, I just tried to help you out.
  2. Just chill out and stop trying so hard to impress high command. We notice your work and are very glad you're working hard, but if you over extend yourself it'll just cause complications and annoy us.
  3. Can Sergeant+ archieve appeals if they are back or dont require the LOA?
  4. I know that, I replied on his appeal as a ordinary FTA instructor since I'm involved in that situation.
  5. Second thoughts & you aren't a FTA supervisor. You are in SPU
  6. I did not reply on the appeal as a Advisor of the Board, I replied as a FTA instructor.
    Just a side note, what happend to my Board of Appeals advisor set up?
  7. You aren't board of appeals.
  8. Extremely sorry about that, apologies, removing my message now.
  9. You cannot approve leave of absences. If you aren't sure what you can and cannot approve then ask, don't assume.
  10. Just a reminder, set me up for BoA when your free, Thank you
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